Important Information

Congratulations you have chosen the BOAT JETSKI online course. 

  • This is an online course designed to obtain your Queensland Boat (Recreational Marine Driver Licence, RMDL) and/or Jet Ski (Personal Water Craft Licence, PWCL),and may be completed by any person older than fifteen and a half years.
  • The online course of instruction provides the theory component only, of a face to face marine licence course.
  • The online instruction course gives you the knowledge to pass the Maritime Safety Queensland written assessment and practical assessment.

This online course must be completed by an individual licence
candidate and is not permitted to be used for group training.

  • This "Certificate of Completion" is valid for 3 months from the completion date on your certificate
  • Once the online course is completed you need to first print out a "Statement of Completion".On completion contact your training organisation to book an assessment session with an approved Boatsafe licence trainer to complete your Maritime Safety Queensland written assessment and practical training and assessment which should take a minimum of 2 hours. Training vessels will be provided for your practical assessment session.
  • The Department of Transport & Main Roads will only issue your marine licence when you turn 16 years of age. If you want a Jet Ski (PWC) licence you must be the holder of a boat licence as a pre-requisite to be issued a Jet Ski (PWC) licence in Queensland.
  • A licence candidate must disclose if they believe they have any medical reasons that may affect or restrict them from operating a vessel safely. This medical declaration must be completed by a licence candidate on the practical assessment session and retained by the approved Boatsafe licence trainer for audit purposes.
  • Once you have successfully completed your online course and printed your "Statement of Completion" you will be guided to book your practical assessment session.
  • On successful completion of your practical assessment session you will be issued a "Statement of Competency"
  • It is then your responsibility to personally present the original of this "Statement of Competency" within 6 months along with your current Queensland Drivers Licence or Acceptable Identification to a Department of Transport and Main Roads CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTRE with their completed CURRENT APPLICATION FORM and pay the current PRESCRIBED FEE to be issued your Marine Licence.
  • No refunds will be granted on commencement of the online marine licence course
  • If you any technical difficulties with the course please ring Rod on 0408720916
Last modified: Monday, 31 January 2022, 2:44 PM